29 May 1999

and......Evacuation tips

It'a time to repeat our Tips about Hurricanes!
Hurricane season in Florida is from June 1st to Nov. 30 each year.

Whether you are thinking of visiting Florida during this time period, or you are a Floridian, this list of preparations should be helpful.
Have a checklist of essential supplies:

  • Cash
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Drinking water (one gal. per day per person)
  • Food - canned and dried goods are best
  • Can opener (hand operated)
  • Hand tools - pliers, screwdriver, knife, nails, ax, handsaw
  • Wood to cover large windows or openings (equipment to put up wood panels)
  • Household bleach (unscented) to purify water (8 drops per gal.)
  • Soap
  • Flashlights (one per person, with extra batteries)
  • Radio (battery operated) with weather band
  • First aid kit - gauge, scissors, Band-Aids, petroleum jelly, aspirin, rubbing
  • alcohol, antacids
  • Extra Prescription medicine
  • Matches (box of wooden would work better)
  • Plastic forks & spoons, and paper plates
  • Toilet paper
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Snake bite kit
  • Garbage bags
  • Rope

More helpful info:
Make plans in advance especially if children or pets are involved, or if special needs are required, such as oxygen. When a WATCH is announced, that is the time to start covering windows and openings with pre-prepared pieces of wood, even if you live inland (past hurricanes are a good example)
When a WARNING is announced that usually means you have about 18 hours before the hurricane hits. Go to an interior room, hall, or closet and brace yourself. (have padding around all, such as mattresses)
If you plan to evacuate, do it early. Secure your house and move lawn furniture inside.
Listen to the news before evacuating.
Turn off electricity at the main circuit breaker box (this could save your appliances from surges)
Turn off gas at the meter or tank.
Take phone numbers you might need on the way to your destination.
Make sure you have identification (a shelter will need proof of residence).
Don't pull a boat or trailer in high winds.
If roadways are jammed while you are still near home, go home. Never try to ride out a hurricane in a car.
If you have a Computer and are on the Internet, you can sign up with the National Hurricane Center by submitting your e-mail address and you will receive advisories and warnings.
To get more information try: http://www.weather.com/weather_center/full_story/full1.html
Here are the first ten names the Weather Service has picked for hurricanes in 1999:

  • Arlene
  • Bret
  • Cindy
  • Dennis
  • Emily
  • Floyd
  • Gert
  • Harvey
  • Irene
  • Jose

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