24 Nov 2007

Our desire is to give you interesting happenings and information about things that are occuring in Florida that won't necessarily make the national news, but would be of interest to you Snow-Birds, yearly visitors or to those of you with an ongoing interest in our state.
See our Slide Show of Castillo de San Marcos
Slide Show of Miscellaneous St. Augustine & Lighthouse

As a general rule St. Augustine is VERY "Pet Friendly" and on my most favorite places to visit!!! All St. John's & Flager Counties are "Pet Friendly" so dogs are allowed on all beaches...be conciderate and clean up after your pet! Even some of the attractions are "Pet Friendly", you & your pet can check out The Fountain of Youth together.

Busch Gardens Raises Prices


Highlighting Florida's "Oldest City"
....St. Augustine

Places To See in "the oldest city"
...St. Augustine
See our Slide Show of Castillo de San Marcos

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